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The job for me

Tesco has been serving its high level customers for decades. We are well aware that in order to maintain quality, we need to appreciate not only our customers, but our colleagues as well. We employ more than 48,000 people in Central Europe, and our goal is for each of our colleagues to find their calculations. That's why Tesco is committed to building a corporate culture where anyone can work in whatever area can find the career path that suits them best.

What does a "workplace for me" mean?

For someone, it means that at Tesco you can decide what schedule to work on. For others, flexibility and work-life balance. We want everyone to have a work environment and conditions in which to find all of them.

The "workplace for me" is synonymous with development. Each of our colleagues has the opportunity to build a career at Tesco, whether in the store area, headquarters or logistics center. We recommend positions where our colleagues can gain extensive experience at any stage of their careers. Teamwork is important for everyone to experience shared success and to feel at work in a community where employees care about each other.

Tesco is also responsible for its more than 16,000 employees in Hungary. That is why we constantly provide our colleagues with the education and training necessary for their development, and work to maintain a safe and healthy working environment where everyone can feel at home.

Competitive benefit package

We believe in offering a competitive benefit package to our staff. In 2019, we spent $ 3.4 billion on payroll development and $ 4 billion on benefit development. As our colleagues are our most important customers, we give our employees 10 percent off after each purchase. In addition, we can provide discounts on various services through our many partners. The benefits package includes a Sports Card, a cafeteria and an anniversary reward.

We help our colleagues to develop their skills and knowledge in accordance with their long-term plans. We give you the opportunity to keep your team leadership and digital skills up to date. We offer extensive professional training through the Tesco Academy. Through courses and online courses, we encourage our colleagues to take their development forward. Last year, 98.7 percent of our colleagues attended our trainings.


Everyone at Tesco is welcome, regardless of gender, religion or nationality. Our goal is for everyone to feel valued and respected in our corporate culture. It is important that all of our colleagues feel they are able to do more for our customers every day and that Tesco is a true workplace for them.

Health and well-being

In order for our colleagues to make the most of themselves, we consider it important to help them maintain their physical and mental health. Through our Being Well program, we encourage our colleagues to do physical activity by promoting various sports-related games with valuable prizes and providing vegetables and fruits during this time.

Not only many people shop at Tesco stores, but many also work. That is why it is important for us to have a simple, consistent and uniform fire accident and safety policy.

Because of the unexpected things that can happen in all of our lives, Tesco has launched the Tesco Angel Foundation to help our struggling people.

Tesco is committed to supporting local communities and, through its Employee Volunteer Program, encourages colleagues to volunteer to help their community.

Our colleagues work in many different areas at the company, but we have one goal: to provide more to our customers day by day. The Helping Hands program allows our office workers and store colleagues to work as a team during busy times such as Easter and Christmas.