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Tesco Angel Foundation

One of our important goals is to build a caring corporate culture where our employees truly care about each other. We have created the Tesco Angel Foundation to help our struggling colleagues together.

“From colleagues to colleagues” - this is how the foundation works. In any case, Tesco doubles the amount received by the Foundation and incoming applications are judged by a monthly committee. Our staff has several options for donating. They can apply for regular donors, which means that part of their salary goes to the foundation, and occasional donations are possible. Our staff organized a cookie fair on several occasions, with the proceeds going entirely to the foundation.

“As a private person, I support those in need if I can, but it is important to note that for a long time I have been fortunate that my colleagues, my team feel and think about helping others just as I do, and so much easier to do anything with them team strength and valuable time together. ”- Ildikó Kovács, deployment manager